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2005, vol 9

1. L.Altangerel, Ch.Altannar and R.Enkhbat, A Note on the Connection of Variational Inequalities with Convex and Concave Programming., 2-8,

2. Reinhard Racke, Hyperbolic Thermoelastic Systems,9-15,

3. R.Enkhbat and J.Guddat, A Note on Inverse Parametric Linear Programming, 16-21,

4. T.Zhanlav, An exact finite difference scheme for parabolic boundary value problems, 22-35,

5. L. Altangerel, Some equivalent problems arising in conjugate duality for convex optimization, 36-47,

6. L.Bataa, R.Mijiddorj, T.Zhanlav, Generalized cascade algorithm., 48-55,

7. Deshna Loonker and P.K.Banerji, Distributional Generalized Hankel Transform, 56-66.



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