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2006, vol 10

1. Huang Junjie and Alatancang, The Continuous Spectrum of Infinite Dimensional Hamiltonian Operators, 2-10,

2. J.Davaadulam, On rearrangement invariant envelope of Calderon-Orlicz space, 11-20,

3. G.Ankhbayar, D.Haltar,  Impulse control in ecology-economical models, 21-34,

4. D.Haltar, Some metric spaces on pasture plane, 35-46,

5. A.S. Buldaev and D.O. Trunin, Method of non-local control improvement in linear optimal control problems, 47-53,

6. Mekei, Embedding some subdirectly irreducible rings of the variety var B31, 54-76.


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