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2007, vol 11

1. Zhanlav Tugal, A nonstandard finite difference schemes for Fisher equation, 2-13,

2. Alatancang and Wu Deyu, Spectrums of 2x 2 Upper Triangular Hamiltonian Operators, 14-23,

3. R.Enkhbat and A.Bayarbaatar, On the Maximum and Minimum Radius Problems over a Polyhedral Set, 24-33,

4. R.Enkhbat and J.Guddat, Computational Algorithms for Solving Some Optimization Problems in Micro-economics, 34-46,

5. L. Altangerel, Scalarized Gap Functions for Vector Variational Inequalities via Conjugate Duality, 47-55,

6. D.Haltar, S.A.Achituev, A.S.Buldaev, B.Ochirbat, B.Uuganbayar, Optimal feeding policy of herd animals for winter-spring season, 56-61,

7. R.Shamoyan, A new duality theorem for new tent spaces, 62-67.



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