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2008, vol 12

1. D.I.C. Mendes and S. Tumurbat, On small and essential left ideals, 2-11,

2. B.Barsbold, Quadratic Control of the Solow Economic Growth Model, 12-26,

3. B.Barsbold, Hwang Won-Joo and R.Enkhbat, Derivative Variation Approach for the Calculus of Variations, 27-37,

4. D.Garmaa, I.Tseren-Onolt, A.Leporati, Spiking Neural P Systems with Budding Rules, 38-58,

5. V.Adiyasuren and B.Sanchir, On a Ky-Fan Type Inequality, 59-70,

1. Mekei and L.Oyuntsetseg, Construction of all subalgebra of M2(F) and their derivations, 71-73,

6. L.Oyuntsetseg, Derivation of Matrix Ring, 74-78.



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