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2003, vol 7

1. Altangerel, L., Bot, R.I., Wanka, G., Duality for convex partially separable optimization problems, 1-18,

2. Altannar, Ch., Barsbold, B., Enkhbat, R., A Global Method for Solving the Convex Quadratic Maximization Problem, 19-27,

3. Battsengel, B., Note on the number of Hamiltonian cycles., 28-30,

4. Bayasgalan, Ts., Dayantsolmon, D., The cardinality of ¾- algebra, 31-34,

5. Enkhbat, R., Guddat, J. From Linear Parametric Optimization to Nonlinear Parametric Optimization,  35-50,

6. Zhanlav, T. Some choices of moments of refinable function, 51-70.


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