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Mongolian Mathematical Journal сэтгүүлийн 2015 оны 19 дахь дугаар хэвлэгдэн гарлаа. Энэ удаагийн дугаарт:


Richard Vogel

Mining and Infrastructure Development: Prospects

for Mongolia’s long-run Growth


Mizhidon A.D., Mizhidon K.A.

The problem of control constructing, which provides

the implementation of the state and mixed constraints

under persistent disturbances


Buldaev A.S., Ankhbayar G., Khishektueva I.Kh.D.

The fixed point method in polynomial with respect to

State problem of parametric optimization


Ankhbayar Ch., Oyuntsetseg L., R.Enkhbat

A Mathematical Model of Marketing

Advertisement for Insurance Companies


Adil Khan M., Jamboz Khan,  Pečirać J.

Generalizations of sherman's inequality by

Montgromey identity


Pogov V., Bokhoeva L., Chermoshentseva A.

Study of samples of pipes made of layered composite materials with technological defects


L. Khadkhuu L., D. Tsedenbayar

Spectral properties of ReV and ImV


Makhgal G

A Chi-Squared Test for Serial Randomness of Nominal Data with Multiple Categories

гэсэн өгүүллүүд хэвлэгдэн гарлаа.



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