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Professor Rentsen Enkhbat

Professor of Business school of National University of Mongolia
P.O.Box - 46/635
Ulaanbaatar - 46
Mongolia 210646
Phone: 976 - 99278403
Fax: (976) - (11) - 320159

  • Rentsen Enkhbat is a Professor of Mathematics at the Business School of National University of Mongolia.
  • Researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of National University of Mongolia.
  • He received his Bachelor, Master and Ph.D degrees from Irkutsk State University (Russia) in Applied Mathematics in 1980 and 1990, respectively. He received also his Master degree in Economics from National University of Mongolia in 1998 and Sc.D degree from Mongolian Academy of Sciences in 2003.
  • His awards include prize of the Third World and Mongolian Academy of Sciences, award of Consortium of Mongolian Higher Education Universities, and Government Medal.
  • He is the author and co-author 16 books and the editor of 17 books. He has written more than 100 scientific papers. His recent research interest lies in Global Optimization, Optimal Control and Game theory.
  • He has held visiting appointments at the University of Massachusetts, Kyoto University, Ibaraki University, Humbold University Berlin, University of Florida, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Inje University(Korea), Curtin University(Australia), Littoral University(France).
  • He is a member of American and Mongolian Mathematical Societies, and USA and Mongolian Chess Federations. He is a Mongolian National Chess Master.